(68) How far can artificial intelligence contribute to our cultural exchange?

Samstag, 03.10.2020, 19.00 Uhr  

Dr. Wolfgang Hildesheim, Director, Head of Watson & Artificial Intelligence, IBM DACH, Hamburg
Li Liang, Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior & University of Konstanz, Konstanz

Carsten Krause, Confucius Institute at the University of Hamburg 

In recent years, artificial intelligence has drawn great attention from almost all fields and been increasingly applied all over the world. In the future, it will definitely play an enormous role in everyone’s daily life. To a certain degree, it serves our human goals, but how far does the technology also change the goals? What are the positive aspects of its development, and where lies the risk of its possible abuse? Starting with these questions, the Chinese-German Dialogue is going to discuss as a main topic, how far artificial intelligence in China is or will be different from that in Germany? And how can we make use of it in the field of cultural exchange for the improvement of our mutual understanding? Our German discussant, Dr. Wolfgang Hildesheim, is a renowned expert on artificial intelligence and the member of a High Level Expert Group invited by the European Union to work on ethical standards in the field of artificial intelligence. Dr. Li Liang is working on collective behaviour via various artificial intelligence methods. The dialogue will be in English. Afterwards, we invite the guests to get together.

Chinesisches Teehaus „Hamburg Yu Garden“, Feldbrunnenstraße 67, Großer Saal, OG
Free entry